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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you sell to the general public?

  • Yes, but typically as a Construction & Building Materials Supply Wholesaler our typical client is a Custom Home Builder who builds homes designed by an Architectural Firm. Subject to minimum order amount.

Do you have a minimum order amount?

  • Yes, we have a $5,000 minimum order amount.

Do you offer delivery?

  • In most cases delivery is available.

Do you offer painting or staining options?

  • We do offer painting and staining options for an additional charge.

Do you require a Reseller Permit?

  • Yes, we do require a Reseller Permit applicable to the State in which your ordered product is installed.

What is your product lead-time?

  • It depends on the product and whether it is a standard item or custom order/profile – generally two to six weeks lead-time is required.

Do you sell cedar fence products?

  • No, unless you are ordering by the truckload, then we may consider it.

Do you offer custom milling profiles or can you match a profile?

  • We do offer custom milling profiles and can typically match an existing profile.

Do you sell hardware items?

  • No, we are a Wood and Molding Supplier only.

Do you require a Deposit on all orders?

  • Yes, we typically require a 50% deposit; up to a 70% deposit on extremely custom orders.


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