Where We Started:

Preparing Cedar Logs for Milling

Spokane Cedar was started by one man with a vision to turn a waste product into something great.

Realizing this vision has been a journey of setbacks, years of heartbreaking sacrifice and hardship: long days, short nights, battled elements, lost and found friends, breath-taking death-defying events and memories that will never be forgotten.

Spokane Cedar Products began its operations with gathering dead, down, and dying western red cedar logs to manufacture the finest lumber ever made, virtually by hand. The logs were brought out of the forest to a staging area where they were sorted for transport to the milling site. Once the logs arrived at the mill site, they were stripped of any remaining bark and cautiously ripped into quarters for milling.

Milling Western Red Cedar Lumber

Milling Red Cedar Lumber

The milling process was a time consuming, labor intensive process and usable product recovery was unpredictable. Each board was sawn one at a time on a portable band-saw, then edged for maximum recovery. In the final stage of milling the knots were cut out of each board – leaving a clear vertical grain blank that could be molded into any custom profile.

The blanks were carefully dried to the optimum moisture content to assure consistency at the molding plant where each piece was fed, inspected, and wrapped in bundles by an observant set of eyes and hands, assuring only the highest quality end product for each of our customers, and ultimately theirs.

Where We Are Today:

Over the years demand for our Clear Vertical Grain Western Red Cedar in the Tongue & Groove pattern for interior paneling of ceilings, walls, and exterior Soffits has outgrown our ability to procure the raw product from forest lands. To keep pace with customer requirements, our milling operations have had to supplement raw material sources in order to meet customer demand.

With such exceptional quality, customers began inquiring if we could supply structural and/or decorative Posts & Beams in both Fir and Cedar, so we added this product to our line-up as well. Eventually clients needed Cedar Siding for their high-end custom home projects, so we added Cedar Siding with Shiplap, Bevel, and Board & Batten Profiles. Recently we’ve been asked to provide vertical grain Hemlock as a less expensive alternative to the VG Cedar line-up, so we now offer both VG Cedar and Hemlock for interior paneling and exterior soffits. We also offer Hemlock trim and molding packages in stained or painted finishes.

Beams & VG Western Red Cedar Combination

Cedar Beams & VG Cedar Combination

Spec’d by some of the finest Architects and custom home builders, our products add that touch of elegance and visual warmth that is rare to find in any other wood species; this is why our products are so well accepted in many of the finest homes throughout the US.

Western red cedar is easy to transport, cut, and install, with a low density, it has the highest thermal insulation value of any wood species and with its natural preservatives, it is insect, weather, and moisture resistant. Cedar will last for decades in all weather conditions.

When it comes to making an impression, whether it be siding, fascia or soffits, ceilings or walls, make the wise choice – make it Spokane Cedar, where you get the highest quality cedar products at mill direct prices.

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